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Metal Transformed Into Clean Energy

Reimagining Power Generation With Metal Harvesting Technology 

Our Solution 

We are developing new power generation technology that is clean and sustainable, with no carbon emissions nor noise, using completely recyclable reactants — metal and air. 

From Penn Today and Penn Engineering

Global Energy

demand is projected to double by 2030. 

Coupled with digitalization, population growth, and rising incomes, the market of portable generators is the fastest-growing power supply segment, expected to reach $2.5 billion worldwide in 2024. 

Yet, customer needs, energy policy, and emerging technology have limited the growth of traditional diesel generators. 


Portable Power generation. 

Global energy demand is pojected to double by 2030. 

About Us

We are young entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and expertise in strategy consulting, energy engineering, and public health — united by a shared mission to improve lives and shape the electricity industry with metal harvesting technology.

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